EMF Protection Cell Phone Stickers - 5G&EMF Blocker Mobile Phone - BIO Energy Сard - New Silver Model - Wi-Fi Silver Neutralizer - 5G Mobile Phone Protector - Anti-Radiation 6 Shilds for All Devices



Color: Matt Silver


  • ✅ UNIVERSAL Compatibility: ALGORITHM SAFETY protection stickers are suitable for you all personal electronic and Wi-Fi devices, such as: mobile phones, laptops, tablets and so much more. You can also use on household and office appliances, such as: dishwasher, fridge, microwave, air conditioner and PC, coffe mashine, printer and others.
  • ✅ NEW Matt SILVER Design: With the ALGORITHM SAFETY anti-radiation stickers for phone, you can stay protected against electro pollution and make your devices look cool. The stickers have a SILVER sleek design and come carefully packed in an beautifil present box.
  • ✅ STRUCTURE for protect from 5G & EMF waves: ALGORITHM SAFETY 5G blockers are made with a SILVER film, Far-Infrared NANO Powder layer, mineral NANO chip and natural absorbing filter. This high-end structure of our stickers provides a highly efficient absorption and elimination of threatening EMF waves produced by your favorite electronic devices up to 99.7%!
  • ✅ BIO ENERGY CARD: is pure Physics of NANO Materials. Based on advanced Hi-Tech NANO USA&German Technologies and using of natural biological materials. Has an ANTI-RADIATION function and protects the body! USE: carry it in your pocket or in a handbag near your body.
  • ✅ ENERGY SAVER CHIP: can help improve the functioning of the battery while charging or discharging, increasing battery volume and its lifespan. Suitable for devices appliances using lithium-ion rechargeable batterie. Can be easily pasted on the back surface of phone or other electronic devices the place above batterie.

Details: ALGORITHM SAFETY – is a progressive European company founded innovative young scientists in 2017 in Czech Republic. We participate in the development, creation, and testing of modern advanced technologies; directly introducing the most innovative and effective technologies into our products. Believe, that the use of high-tech innovations will improve and safe the health of our Planet. Our team is on a continuous mission to create outstanding products and accessories to guarantee that our customers are happy and satisfied. That's why we only work with premium, quality materials from our reliable suppliers. This allows us to meet the high expectations of our customers. Why is this product for you? SILVER 5G protection stickers use the most advanced technologies that help you stay protected against the threatening effects of 5G Wi-Fi, electro pollution and Electromagnetic Field (EMF) waves. Stickers have a superior structure, made with a SILVER protection film, Far-Infrared NANO Powder filter, and a mineral Jade chip that provides top level protection. They have a Matt SILVER luxurious design, with a silver finish that looks amazing on every device. The stickers are compatible with popular devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and household appliances, such as the fridge, microwave, or oven. Some of the amazing features of SILVER protection stickers: Universal for Home & Office appliances; Strong self-adhesive 3D Glue; Easy to apply; ENERGY Saving Chip has a mineral content that can help extend battery life and reduce waste created by charging and discharging; BIO ENERGY & Authenticity double-sided Card is pure Physics of NANO Materials and has an ANTI-RADIATION function and protects the body. USE: carry it in your pocket or in a handbag near your body; Magic Hexagonal shape; Packed in an elegant present box; Protect yourself, family and home against 5G Wi-Fi waves and EMF radiation with ALGORITHM SAFETY stickers!

UPC: 742779892614

EAN: 0742779892614

Binding: Health and Beauty

Item Condition: New

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