9. Things to Remember

Whole-home EMF protection doesn’t have to break the bank, and it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. Start small.

The first thing you should implement when turning your home into an EMF radiation protection sanctuary is by distancing yourself from your electronic devices at night. This is a feasible and relatively easy practice to put into play.

Once you have begun eliminating the amount of electronics that remain powered on throughout the night, you can step your whole home protection up to the next level by adding EMF radiation shielding paint or window protection to your home.

You can protect your whole home as simple or as multifaceted as you desire. If you want to make small changes in the beginning, you should absolutely do that. Small changes are better than no changes at all, especially when it comes to your health and protecting your family and pets.

If you feel you need to add additional protective means, such as EMF radiation shielding paint, an EMF radiation shielding canopy, or a dirty electricity filter, you can add these elements to the rooms you need.

Other ways to increase the EMF radiation protection within your home is by upgrading old, outdated appliances within the home. Old appliances can use excessive amounts of energy, causing an unnecessary amount of added power to enter and circulate through your home.

Additionally, you will want to make sure the new appliance you purchase does not include smart home technology, such as wireless internet capability or Bluetooth connectivity.

While these features are convenient and practical with today’s modernized and instant gratification world, they are your kryptonite when attempting to protect your whole home from EMF radiation.

Wireless internet and Bluetooth technology capabilities communicate with wireless routers and each device by the use of radiofrequencies. Radiofrequencies is a type of EMF radiation. Therefore, you would be adding additional EMF radiation to your home by replacing an outdated appliance with no radiofrequency with a new appliance that includes it.

If You do not have the opportunity to update yet Your Household&Office appliances - just use 5G&EMD protection stickers on old appliances.