8. Top 10 Reasons Why EMF Protection is Necessary for the 21st Century:

To make it easy, here is a list of the top 10 reasons (with explanations) as to why you would want to protect you, family and home from EMF radiation in today’s 21st Century.

1. To Feel Better.
Do you suffer from chronic headaches? Do these headaches occur every single day? What about blurry vision, fatigue, or sleeplessness?
If you suffer from all of these ailments but think this is just how you are supposed to feel each day, you may be wrong.
The symptoms of radiation exposure and radiation sickness include headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and sleeplessness. What may seem like a “normal” way for you to feel each day may, in fact, be signs of a deeper issue. Protecting your whole home from EMF radiation can drastically improve the way you feel and your quality of life on a daily basis.

2. To Protect Your Family.
With so many electronic devices readily available today, EMF radiation is more prevalent than ever. If you are lucky enough not to feel the effects that EMF radiation can have on a person’s body doesn’t mean that the rest of your family members will be so lucky.
To protect yourself as well as your family, defend your whole home from EMF radiation exposure.

3. For Future Generations.
Studies have shown that EMF radiation can cause cell damage within a person’s body. The damage from these cells can lead to gene mutations in future children. Gene mutations can commonly be passed between parent to child. This means that for future generations to come, gene mutations can occur because of EMF radiation exposure.

4. For Safe Reproduction.
EMF radiation, especially through direct contact such as laptop computers, has been proven to affect a person’s ability to conceive or carry a healthy pregnancy. Infertility is a common health issue with EMF radiation, especially through direct contact exposure of radiofrequencies through a laptop computer.

5. To Save Money.
This shouldn’t be the main reason you choose to protect your home from EMF radiation, but let’s face it – saving money is some people’s motivation to make a change. Protecting your whole home from EMF radiation can save money for many reasons.
Health costs – protecting your home from EMF radiation can mean saving money on costly procedures to fight against radiation sickness.
Energy costs – protecting your home from EMF radiation by purchasing energy-efficient appliances. These appliances will save you money on monthly energy bills. Turning off electrical equipment when it’s not in use helps cut the electric bill too!

6. To Prevent Cancer.
It is proven that EMF radiation can chance the cellular composition within a person’s body. Changes to a person’s cells with the rapid growth of new, abnormal cells are how cancer within the body is formed.
To prevent cancer within yourself as well as the other occupants within your home, you can protect your whole home from EMF radiation to reduce the amount of radiation your body will receive in its lifetime.

7. To Protect Your Pets.
Pets within your home can experience and suffer from the same health issues as a person would who is suffering from EMF radiation. Protecting your home from EMF radiation will not only protect you and your family, but it will also protect your four-legged furry friends who live in your home as well.

8. To Be as Clean as Possible.
We don’t mean clean as in hygiene. We mean clean as in non-toxic. EMF radiation is toxic for your body. By having EMF radiation exposure, you are filled with toxins within your body. Not only do these toxins affect the way you feel, but they also affect your body’s purity and cleanliness.
Toxins can take years to expel from your body, and toxins aren’t limited to something you may ingest or consume. Toxins can be absorbed through the skin, and EMF radiation is a serious toxin contaminating your body and DNA.

9. To Provide a Toxic-Free Environment.
While you can’t control the remainder of the world, you can control your little piece of the earth in which you live. Chances are, the local store down the road or the office building in which you work is not going to be EMF radiation protected.
While this may make you think “What’s the point?” when considering to cleanse your environment from these toxins, it is important to realize that you can control your environment in which you live.
So while you may be exposed to a portion of EMF radiation during the day at your office or while on a shopping trip, you can rest assured knowing you are going to be returning home to a safe, toxin-free environment.

10. You Only Get One Body.
You only get one body in this life. Take care of it. You can do everything right when it comes to physical health. You can eat clean, work out five times a week, drink a gallon of water each day, but if you are constantly surrounding yourself by EMF radiation, you can be undoing so much of the good you are attempting to do for your body.