10. Conclusion

We are in a digital world with no signs of slowing down. The more digitally connected we are, the more electromagnetic frequency will go into the atmosphere, and this EMF radiation will have to be absorbed somewhere.

An entire home can be powered through wireless internet technology. Door locks, televisions, lights, lamps, ceiling fans, ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, swimming pool pumps and heaters, thermostats, smoke detectors, doorbells, and security cameras. Can we even say “to name a few” when listing the above? Because these are definitely more than a few. These devices are everywhere. With so much technology communicating between one another, the amount of radiofrequency that enters the atmosphere is high. If you place these devices in virtually small quarters, such as a home or an apartment, the EMF radiation has nowhere to go. Therefore, the EMF radiation becomes absorbed into your skin. The more devices you have in your home communicating with one another, the less it will matter if your cell phone is in another room or not while you sleep.